Why we are different

Bespoke Liquidity

We draw directly on ultra-deep liquidity optimised for high volume trades where monthly volume has already reached 673.6 billion USD.

Our technology supports sub millisecond internal (RT) matching on a true 24/5 cycle without end-of-day shutdowns.

Prime Brokerage

For XPrime Markets our Prime Brokerage is one of the most important elements of our business. Close personal relationships and a high level of trust are required for us to be confident that the products we offer are robust, and highly competitive in every way.

Realtime Reporting

Proliquidity trading technology group is based in London. It provides institutional clients with optimal trade execution conditions allowing them to deliver the best possible returns for their clients. Proliquidity delivers realtime deal analytics and reporting to managers and clients alike.

Smart Orders

Proprietary Matching Logic optimizes order book liquidity using proprietary, performance-based matching logic to prioritize high performing liquidity providers. Distributed Architecture scales horizontally and vertically to handle hundreds of thousands of orders per second

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